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Waterside Title offers a comprehensive portfolio of services to expedite commercial transactions.

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Waterside Title Provides


Title insurance nationwide


Coordination of multi-site transactions


24/7 access to information and support


Transaction management


Closing and escrow services

We offer


More options

Our extraordinary underwriting relationships are at work for you


Superior know-how

Our in-house attorneys and experts specialize in every aspect of commercial real estate


Expanded services

Our technology is cutting edge and evolving every day


Extra attention

Our first commitment is to you, our client, as we focus on providing exceptional customer service


Processing Your Commercial Transactions

Commercial real estate transactions can be especially complicated. In inexperienced hands, title issues such as §1031 exchanges, cross-collateralization, deed restrictions, tenants-in-common, lien subordination and defeasance transactions can derail a project for months or even years.

That's why Waterside Title's expertise is so valuable. No matter how tangled the title issues may be, we have in-house experts who can unravel them for you. Our staff is trained to anticipate and resolve issues before they become problems.

work on laptop
work on laptop

Covering Your Needs Nationwide

We are familiar with the title requirements in every state. We have the in-house expertise and industry relationships to handle transactions nationwide, as well as multi-site, multi-state deals, ensuring seamless, coordinated service for you no matter how complex your needs are.

In addition, we work with all the top underwriters in the industry. This allows us to place coverage with any one of these underwriters, or, if need be, with multiple underwriters.

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